Launched in September 2014, GENEU was born out of more than 10 years
pioneering scientific research
 at Imperial College London.



The search for the secret to eternal youth is centuries old, but GENEU has turned to the latest in science for the answer. Our scientific research recognises that 60% of your skin ageing can be attributed to inherited genes, and 40% to lifestyle factors*. This is why our unique service starts by offering customers a DNA & Lifestyle Test to look at the two key genes responsible for skin ageing, and includes a lifestyle assessment. Image of test This allows us to determine your skin’s profile based on your genes and lifestyle, which forms your U+ skin profile.

What makes this further unique, is that it’s actually a very quick and effective process. Once your DNA sample is collected and received by us, our scientists analyse it in our quality-assured gold standard London laboratory, and using our unique algorithm we combine the results with your lifestyle assessment.
GENEU DNA Skin care Significant scientific research has been conducted in collaboration with researchers at Imperial College, London to understand the link between the variations we detect in the two ageing genes and the lifestyle factors and how they relate to the optimal active ingredients and the best concentrations to use in our personalised serums. This research forms the scientific basis of our skin care. These relationships have been used to create the algorithm we use, into which we provide the genetic results and answers to your lifestyle questionnaire. The algorithm provides the result that creates your recommended U+ skin profile.  This lab-process only takes 2 working days, so very quickly, we’ll have your results and can invite you to have a private results consultation with our scientific advisor, who will personally-prescribe and provide for you two recommended GENEU serums, each with the right concentration of advanced active ingredients for your skin. Your two prescribed serums will provide you with the anti-ageing support you need, to delay the appearance of the formation of wrinkles and fine lines, whilst optimising your skin’s health through hydrating benefits.