Your GENEU home test kit includes an instruction booklet, a sealed sterile swab, a clear easy-seal poly bag, the lifestyle assessment, the privacy form, a return envelope and postage instructions. Please wash your hands and avoid eating and drinking for at least 30 minutes before beginning the sample collection process.

Step 1

Remove the swab from the sterile silver pouch and open the swab by pulling firmly on the lid.

Step 2

Insert the head of the swab into your mouth and brush firmly against the inside of your cheek in a circular motion for one minute. Repeat the same process on the other side. Finish by sweeping the swab around the gum at the top and bottom of the mouth.

Step 3

Carefully reinsert the swab back into the container and push the lid to click back into place. Place the swab in the bubble wrap in the poly bag and seal the poly bag.

Step 4

Fill out the lifestyle assessment. Make sure you answer all the questions. Tick all the boxes and sign the policy consent of the form. We assure you that we hold all the customer information with the upmost security and we destroy DNA samples immediately following the test procedure.

Step 5

Place the folded lifestyle assessment and the swab within the poly bag in the return envelope and seal it.

Step 6

Follow the postage instructions in order to return the envelope back to us.

It is essential to take the GENEU DNA Test and Lifestyle Assessment in order to purchase GENEU Personalised Skin Care. The DNA Test can be purchased individually or as part of a GENEU Starter Set.