Dr Martin Stow is a well-respected global executive with significant business leadership experience across the Medical Device and Diagnostics industry. With a strong background in working with growing Biotech start-up businesses and mature healthcare companies within the Johnson & Johnson family of companies, Martin is passionate about improving healthcare, growing talent and leveraging his strengths in business acumen, strategic thinking and outstanding technical leadership. Martin was appointed Chief Operating Officer of GENEU in 2012, and subsequently Group CEO in 2015. He skilfully balances the dynamic needs and opportunities that science, talent and business conditions create and has been instrumental in creating the strategic direction and focus for the company.


GENEU’s U+ profiling was invented and patented by Professor Christofer Toumazou to offer over-the-counter genetic testing to the consumer industry through his company DNA Electronics. In 1994 Chris, became the youngest Professor ever to be appointed at Imperial College. This achievement was only to be surpassed when he was selected as London’s first Regus Professor of Engineering in 2013. Despite his outstanding professional achievements, Professor Toumazou’s life’s work has been dedicated to saving and improving lives through revolutionary, innovative and disruptive technologies.



During the GENEU experience you will receive a one-to-one consultation with one of our scientific advisors. They will explain the interaction between your serum ingredients, unique DNA profile and lifestyle result. Our scientific advisor team is composed of highly qualified scientists with a deep understanding of genetics and molecular biology in dermatology.

Fatemeh Mahbubinejad has worked as Research Assistance on Breast Cancer and other human genetics diseases following her degree in plant-biology from the University of Tehran. Working in a molecular diagnostic laboratory gave her an opportunity to be involved in personalised medicine in different hospitals, including the Imperial Diagnostic Molecular Pathology Laboratory at Hammersmith Hospital. In 2012, she completed her MSc in Molecular Medicine at the University of Essex, where she researched the Molecular Immunology of human breast cancer. Her experience gained working in personalised medicine, ignited her fascination to work in, and develop her knowledge of, personalised skincare.


Sabra Saad studied Biology at Queen Mary University of London studying Molecular Genetics,Neuroscience and Diseases. Sabra then went on to gain an MSc in Molecular Biology and the Pathology of Viruses at the prestigious Imperial College of London in 2013, where she researched ‘Hepatitis C Virus regulation of host gene expression essential for virus replication’. With a background in working as a research assistant, Medical sales and Medicine, Sabra is passionate about skincare and healthcare therefore she continues to expand her knowledge and experience in the field of cosmetic science.


Jeylan Fetti has been in the luxury skin care industry for over 10 years, Jeylan qualified as therapist in 2005, she went on to work for some of the most prestigious skin care houses in the world in various Sales roles with increasing responsibility. As a therapist at heart Jeylan is passionate about providing results driven solutions for her clients and exceeding expectations. Jeylan naturally grew into management due to her high integrity and passion for providing a high level of customer service.