GENEU’s innovative approach to skin care breaks new ground by offering a personalised approach, rather than a one-size-fits-all solution. We deliver DNA personalised skin care which enables you to take the guesswork out of choosing the right products and have the confidence that you are choosing the best solution to optimise and future-proof the appearance of your skin.

Our scientific research recognises that skin ageing is influenced 60% by genes and 40% by lifestyle*. Genetically, we only differ by 0.1%. This variation is responsible for our predisposition to different diseases and for our physical characteristics, such as our facial features, body shape and how our skin ages.
To personally-prescribe your recommended skincare, we need to understand your skin ageing profile via our unique GENEU DNA & Lifestyle Test.

Personalised Skin CAre


GENOTYPE ANTIOXIDANT AOX is a personalised serum designed to enhance your natural antioxidant levels and prepares the skin for your personalised GENOTYPE COL serum to reduce the visible impact of premature skin ageing. The serum is lightweight, quickly absorbed and, through its formula rich in hyaluronic acid, photo-protective peptides and a unique plant-based active complex, leaves skin feeling instantly hydrated.
Antioxidant Protection & Your Serum

GENEU DNA Prescribed Anti Aging AOX serum

GENOTYPE COL is designed to optimise your natural collagen levels. Through an effective blend of peptides, marine collagen and vitamins A, C and E, the formula works to provide youthful-looking skin, increase luminosity and glow, to leave skin feeling intensively nourished and instantly radiant. Collagen Breakdown & Your Serum

IMPORTANT: to order GENEU DNA Personalised Serums, you will have needed to have taken a DNA and Lifestyle Test and to have received your unique U+ skin profile results. If you do not have a U+ skin profile, our team will be unable to fulfil your serum purchase.

GENEU DNA Prescribed Anti Aging COL serum


To optimise the appearance of your skin and benefit from the right concentrations of advanced active ingredients contained in your serums, we recommend you to apply 2 pumps of your GENOTYPE AOX serum to cleansed skin, followed by 2 pumps of your GENOTYPE COL serum, twice daily – morning and night. The serums can be followed by a regular moisturiser if required.


GENEU’s unique award-winning packaging has been designed to ensure maximum product efficacy and easy delivery through its airless pump system.
An innovative outer dispenser allows your two prescribed serum cartridges (GENOTYPE AOX & GENOTYPE COL) to be easily inserted and replaced after use.
GENEU’s sleek minimal design allows each dispenser to be further personalised by selected a colour of your choice (Black Lacquer; White Pearl; Gunmetal) and by engraving your U+ profile onto the dispenser itself.

*Reference: "Factors That Affect Skin Ageing." JAMA Dermatology 145, no. 12 (2009).