Our DNA Test is a non-invasive cheek saliva swab test, which we analyse at our gold standard London laboratory, following specific quality procedures. The GENEU DNA test identifies and analyses the variations in two key genes responsible for skin ageing including antioxidant protection and collagen breakdown. This analysis takes 2 working days and we will contact you as soon as your results are ready.  

​The GENEU Lifestyle Assessment and Privacy Form enables us to understand more about your lifestyle and environmental factors that influence how your skin will age, and provides us with the consent we need from you to conduct the analysis for your unique DNA personalised U+ skin profile results. GENEU’s scientific research recognises that skin ageing is influenced 60% by genes and 40% by lifestyle.


Your results will be analysed by our expert scientists at our London laboratory. Watch the video to explore how our team analyses your genes in a high quality and secure laboratory to give you skincare personalised to your DNA and Lifestyle.


Our turnaround time is 2 working days, and our scientists will contact you as soon as your results are ready. You then have the opportunity to have a face-to-face consultation in-store, via phone, email or Skype – whatever is most convenient for you. Our highly qualified scientific advisors will explain what your results mean and how your unique GENEU serums will improve your skin.


Your test results comprise your unique DNA personalised U+ Skin profile. This includes two results relating to your predisposition towards:
• Antioxidant protection
• Collagen breakdown
We will also provide you with a recommendation and details of the personally-prescribed GENEU skin care unique to your genes and lifestyle to optimise and future-proof the appearance of your skin.
GENEU AOX and COL prescribed skincare serums
It is essential to take the GENEU DNA Test and Lifestyle Assessment in order to purchase GENEU Personalised Skin Care. The DNA Test can be purchased individually or as part of a GENEU Starter Set.